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Company FAQs

   Question: Are you licensed and insured?
Falconbridge Property Services is licensed for every service for which it is required. We also     carry a full compliment of business insurance to guarantee the protection of our clients and     employees. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Landscaping FAQs

    Question: Why is my ____________ (insert favorite plant)_______ not growing?
: We can't possibly mention all the causes here, but one of the most common things we     encounter is that really hardy plants that flourish in our climate end up being the worst victims of     neglect and when neglected long enough they are no longer the beautiful specimens they once     were. Even our hardiest growers like ligustrum, viburnum, azaleas, camellias, hollies, etc. warrant a     little TLC by way of organic compost and slow release fertilizer once every season. Also, when     installing new plants, make sure they are in a large enough hole when first planted, and that the     empty space is filled with good planting mix. The hardest of our clay soils can function like a "bowl"     with the clay holding water for too long if over watering occurs. Good planting mix will help to     prevent roots from drying out too quickly or staying wet for too long.

   Question: How many bales of pine needles will be installed in my flowerbeds?
: If applied thickly in relatively open flowerbeds, a bale of long leaf pine needles will cover     approximately 40 sq.ft. So, if you have 1,500sq.ft. of flowerbeds (pretty common for houses with     "wrap-around" flowerbeds against the house) you will need about 38 bales of pine needles. When     we install pine needles we only charge you for the bales actually used.

   Question: Should crape myrtles be "topped" i.e. cut down aggressively before each  spring     season?
: There is only one situation in which a crape myrtle should be topped (call us to find out     about this exception), the rest of the time crape myrtles should be pruned according to accepted     industry standards. When Falconbridge Property Services prunes crape myrtles we remove all dead     growth, open up space in the canopy so that the plant can grow optimally and make sure that your     crape myrtle is at its strongest for the Spring but unless absolutely necessary we NEVER "top" a     crape myrtle because once this has been done the damage is permanent and the tree will never     regain its champagne flute appearance again. It is a myth that "topping" creates more blooms, any     form of pruning that removes the smallest growth at the tip of each branch will encourage more     blooming.

    Question: When should I plan on mulching my flower beds? How long after that before it has     to be done again?
    Answer: The main thing to watch for before having mulch put down is Autumn leaves. If there are     still leaves to be cleaned up you should wait until they are gone so that your new mulch doesn't get     "cleaned up" along with the leaves. Once your new mulch is laid we recommend a light refresher     application 6mo later. Done consistently, 6mo (or a little longer) refreshers will save you money and     keep your mulch looking good for around two years.                              

Pressure Washing FAQs

   Question: Should high pressure be used to clean my property?
    Answer: Usually the answer is NO. Many times it is believed that high pressure is required to     remove     unsightly stains. However, this can cause damage that shows up as stripes on brick, vinyl,     wood and     other materials. In extreme cases high pressure washing can damage the mortar and     force     moisture between bricks, and moisture that can be forced behind siding materials will     create an     environment that actually promotes future re-growth of mold and mildew!     Falconbridge Property     Services uses quality cleaners combined with the correct level of pressure     washing to clean stains of     all types. Even with concrete cleaning, one of our highest pressure     applications, less than maximum     pressure is used. From mineral leeching (efflorescence) to mold,     we correctly clean your surfaces     and restore them to the best condition possible.

    Question: What is "soft washing" or low pressure washing?
    Answer: "Soft Washing" is just a moniker that refers to the correct method for almost all house and     building washing. Falconbridge Property Services employs this method. High-grade environment     friendly cleaners are used to break up stains and kill mold, mildew, lichens and algae. A low     pressure high volume rinse follows to wash away the dirt and leave behind a "white glove clean"     surface!

Gutter cleaning FAQs

    Question: Will gutter cleaning cost me a lot? Why can't I just do it myself and avoid spending     the money to have a cleaning contractor do it?
Gutter cleaning does NOT have to be expensive. Done correctly by an experienced     cleaning company like Falconbridge Property Services it is an efficient and cost affective servicing     for the client. Home owners can certainly clean their own gutters but it can be a dangerous job and     a fall from a ladder is never worth it to just save a few dollars. Our technicians are trained to insure     they are safe while on your property. Our insurance coverage guarantees your property and our     employees are safe. While we are up there we also do a visual inspection for any roof and gutter     maintenance or repair needs. This gives you a first line of defense against roof and gutter problems!


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